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Delightful_Devilry_4Delightful Devilry – 10 Tiny Twisty Tales

Some people fear the things that go bump in the night. Some people do the bumping.

Delightful Devilry is a short story collection featuring knights, demons, and the creatures somewhere in between.

Now available on Amazon!  Click here to get it now!

DisorderlyLivesCoverSmallDisorderly Lives – Writer’s Notebook: Short Story Collection No. 1

A collection of short stories of varied genre, from twelve up and coming authors who have each won the monthly short story contest held by The Writer’s Notebook. These winning stories explore the diverse (and often dark) nature of human emotions and various forms of society. From the need for human affection no matter the cost, to survival in a dystopian future.

Now available on Amazon!   Click here to get it now!

Black Magic – Coming soon!

Everyone knows that magic is not real, and that is exactly how the Black Order likes it.

For hundreds of years, this secret society has worked tirelessly to eliminate magic from the world.

Now, after a lifetime of training, Walter and Dylan Black must continue a long family tradition of witch-hunting.

Time to save the world.

…Or at least one small corner of it.