Walter and Dylan on the brain…

I’ve been having trouble getting up the motivation to write lately.  I think it’s because I’ve been in the process of buying a house, which has been using up all of my energy (PS: my house is going to be awesome.  So excited!)

Today I was having trouble with motivation again, so instead of writing on my “real” projects, I started writing a new thing.

So now I’m writing Walter and Dylan’s journals from their summer training camp in 1997. They were 13 and 11, respectively. It’s hilariously adorable.  XD

I think I’m going to keep it up. Once I get to the end of the summer, I’ll start posting them on the blog.  :>

So look forward to that!

What I did today instead of writing…

Sooo… I didn’t get much writing done today.  Or this week.

I did make this mess, though.  So enjoy I guess?  XD

Meet the cast of my rough draft in progress: Oops the prophet and all his friends.  Enemies.  And maybe a couple of frenemies.  😛  He doesn’t have a space on my ‘books’ page yet because I’m not sure he’s going to make it to print!  But I’m having fun with him so far.


And yeah, the quality sucks.  That’s what happens when you’re “scanning” by taking a picture with your tablet.  C’est la vie.  Sorry!

Delightful Devilry promotion is nearly over!

Delightful_Devilry_4What a whirlwind!

I am so totally overwhelmed by the response I have received to Delightful Devilry so far. Downloads have been so far above and beyond what I expected. I just have to thank all of you so much!

One of my greatest fears as an author is publishing something to the sound of crickets chirping. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to see that people are reading and enjoying Devilry. I don’t get emotional often, but I can tell you honestly that I am tearing up a bit as I write this. :)

However, if you’ve missed out on Delightful Devilry, don’t worry.  It’s not entirely over, just yet! There are still a few more hours left to download it for free before the price goes up to 99 cents.

If you’ve been meaning to pick it up and haven’t gotten around to it, now’s the time!